Thursday, 5 November 2009

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I have been invited to a photoshoot in London for Mens Fitness Magazine.
They plan to do a little feature on me outlining the story of my transformation from April through to the present.
My plan as far as training goes is SIZE!!!
I am looking to gain around 10kg by the end of November and then shred the body fat for the shoot.
My main aim from this is a bigger upperbody as I always sacrifice this to achieve the lean look in my latest photos.
The last week of October will be spent consuming more food so my body is ready to handle the high calorie diet throughout November and to begin training heavy again.
Training will be as follows;
Thur- REST
As you will notice, alot more rest than normal(time to grow) and no cardio at all. Added to a High Calorie diet of 3000-4000 calories, I am expecting to look a bit different to my latest pics! But it will give me more to work with and then a tight diet, added cardio and slight different style of resistance training, I will have a better 'V-SHAPE' for the shoot....I HOPE!! LOL
I will add pics throughout November for amusement.....JB

Friday, 23 October 2009


I have decided to enter an underwear competition hosted by CALVIN KLEIN.
My aim for this comp was to be ultra lean and my training included alot more cardio then normal in order to achieve this.
I booked a photoshoot session with PULSE8IMAGES for the end of October which allowed me two and a half weeks to get in shape.
My diet became super strict and I was training 6 days a week leading up to the shoot.
Training included Pyramid Resistance work, mixed cardio and heavy ABS sessions.
I cut my carbs to literally nothing in the last week and used water depletion over the last 4 days.
We also had some ideas for props to help update my portfolio.
I have some of the pictures from the shoot, however they are rough copies and are currently being tweaked as we speak....

Thursday, 8 October 2009


A new month is here and so much has been going on for me..
I received the phonecall I was waiting on from Maximuscle to tell me I have made the final 3 for the Cover Model Category and I was to attend a photoshoot to determine the winner.
On top of this, not so good news, I found out my long term girlfriend had cheated on me..NICE ONE!!
Anyway, I attended the Finals in Stevenage and just want to say I had an amazing time. The photographer was great, very professional and the Maximuscle staff were really friendly and helpful. The two guys I was up against were in great shape, all different physiques, which made it interesting and we got on really well. Infact I am still in touch with one of them via Facebook.
So now it was a waiting game...
I took a week off from training to completely recover and spend some time with friends, family that I had been too busy with the preperation to spend time with and treated myself to some well deserved vice foods!!
While I was waiting on the result from Maximuscle, I used the photos I had taken by Ovan Photography to gain some interest from fitness magazines and modelling agencies and push a career as a fitness model.
I have had some really promising news form a well known magazine and have recently been accepted by Models Direct in London but it was the phonecall I received on the 7th October that I was waiting for...
I won my category...MAXIMUSCLE COVER MODEL WINNER 2009
Pictures from the final will follow shortly..

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


These are a few pictures(draft copies) I had taken on 26th September.
Courtesy of Ovan Photography

Saturday, 19 September 2009


One Week away from my Photo Shoot and training has gone well, I'm feeling good and really looking forward to it. 
It is my first professional shoot after all!
This month I have made a few adjustments to my training program; 
MONDAY - Chest and Triceps- AM
TUESDAY- Cardio- AM  Legs and Abs- PM
THURSDAY - Back and Biceps PM
FRIDAY - Cardio AM  Legs and Abs PM
SATURDAY - Shoulders and Chest
SUNDAY - Rest Day
I only ever used to do legs once a week and really tried to avoid it to be honest, but after noticing I was getting top heavy I decided to take my LEG training serious and broke it into Quads/Hamstrings & Quads/Calfs over two different days. I feel and look better for it but its still early days so I plan on spending the winter season really building some good size in my legs.
ABS!! A big deal for me, however I only train them 2-3 times a week but after researching some of the training routines used by Professional Bodybuilders and Fitness Models, I decided to 'up my game'
I only ever used to perform 2-3x20 reps of each exercise but that has now increased to 3x40-50 reps and also supersetting and trisets, always covering upper, lower, obliques and lower back.
Really feel the burn with these sets and I am finding out what part of my abs are stronger than others which is helping me push myself more in certain areas to catch up and get a bit closer towards having competition quality abs.
The change in Nutrition has been the use of CARB CYCLING.
I burn alot of body fat on my low carb days basically because of the low calorie intake. I now include Cardio before breakfast which also helps. I mix my high carb days on resistance training days throughout the week, so not only am i full of energy for the session but i also replace lost carbs from my low days. My metabolism is always working using this method and it is working for me so far, however you may want to research the method a bit more before deciding if it will actually work for you.
Maximuscle Cyclone shake twice a day between meals, mostly for convenience, however the
Still using BCAA's as my post training method but I am constantly researching recovery methods and may try something different through the winter season.
I am looking to put on some serious size this winter in preparation for the comps next year and will be changing my diet again to aid this but for now I got to stay lean until the photos are finished.
Pictures from my shoot will be posted some point next week.

Friday, 11 September 2009


This month I have a couple of things lined up.
Firstly I am waiting to hear back from Maximuscle. It would be great if I did, however it has been a good stepping stone for me and I am proud of how well I have done regardless.
I am currently in the gym training as Maximuscle ask you to be available for the last part of September so I am pushing myself for the rest of this month.
As far as my training goes...I have decide to spend the first 2 weeks of September Training Heavy and my diet is complimenting that. I am going to introduce Cardio next week so I can shred those few pounds of Body Fat and again my diet will compliment that also. I am trying the Carb Cycling Diet this month and so far it has been ok. I am not putting on much weight and my body fat is still low, however I am never hungry on training days which has been the key!
I dont take too many supplements... Maximuscle Cyclone 2-3 times a day between meal times and BCAA/Glutamine after training for Recovery. I am using High Energy Foods as my pre-training source and so far it  has been ok, full of energy when I start training.
I have a photo shoot booked for the end of September to begin building a portfolio so I am training for that also and really excited about that as I hope to get some work through it in the near future.
No new pictures yet but I will have a few later in the month.